Whether you have an existing asset or are looking to enter the market, the Development Management team at ECS can provide you with clear and honest advice to guide you at any and all stages of the development process.

With a sound understanding of your core objectives and drivers ECS will develop a tailored framework to identify, assemble, coordinate and drive your development to ensure you unlock the full potential of any development project.


With a thorough understanding of the property financing process coupled with our strong relationships with brokers, ECS can act as client representative for presentations to stakeholders, manage bank funding negotiations and documentation requirements.


Awareness of current market activity, sales agency contracts and negotiation techniques is critical to a successful sales campaign and the project achieving its minimum presales requirement for lending.

ECS have been instrumental in the successful sell down of a number of developments and can offer advice to develop a team and campaign that fits your particular development’s specific needs.


ECS have developed great relationships with various design consultants and sub-contractors over the years. These priceless industry connections allow ECS to curate the perfect team of professionals which we will manage to design and bring your project to fruition.

Due Diligence Reporting, Feasibility Planning and Estimating

If you have an existing building, development site or business acquisition in mind, ECS can assist you in due diligence reporting. We will provide clear, concise detail to enable you to properly assess the financial risks or rewards prior to committing funds.

ECS will meet with you to discuss and comment on feasibility solutions for your project. Estimates can be produced to suit your requirements and can include anything from site acquisition costs to forecast finance payments. Build costs and professional fees will be based on industry levels at the time.

Management of Local Authority Requirements

The resource and building consenting process can be challenging but with ECS on your team we can guide you through the process managing all necessary consultants relative to the Local Authority in your area.

ECS provides pro-active management to ensure the project proceeds as smoothly and efficiently as possible, within any program constraints.

We will ensure all consent requirements are met and signed off throughout the project duration.